virtual marriage therapy busy couplesFor many busy couples, the most painful part of a failing relationship is not having an expert available to help.

Living in a global environment, where travel and technology are a part of everyday life, busy couples that are in crisis should be able to access the best in marriage therapy.

Dr. Ari Sytner works discreetly with VIP couples around the world, using the proven scientific approach of the Gottman Method, which is the gold standard in helping couples successfully dismantle the root of their problems and rebuild the relationship to an even stronger level than ever before.

Using a combination of available tools, including 3-day intensive sessions, video conferencing, phone sessions, and night/weekend appointments, Dr. Sytner is able to help couples that are extremely busy find the time to successfully rebuild their relationships.

Whether the romance has grown cold, intimacy has become distant, or the relationship has been disrupted by an affair or pornography, Dr. Sytner can help.

Don’t let distance or busy schedules get in the way of high-quality couple’s therapy. Please schedule a free phone consultation to explore a custom-tailored plan to help get your marriage back on track.

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Who uses Virtual Couple’s Therapy?

  • Couples who have a very demanding work schedule
  • Celebrities or high-profile individuals who do not want to be seen at a couple’s therapist
  • Couples who live in remote locations and cannot easily access quality therapy
  • Couples who frequently travel or live in different locations
  • Those living in communities where people “talk” – and they are uncomfortable seeing a local therapist

Contact Dr. Ari Sytner to customize a VIP marriage therapy package.

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