Couples & Family Therapy

Therapy at the Speed of LIFE!

I work with couples who are feeling frustrated and unsure how their relationship will survive. When couples are struggling, it often feels as if life is falling apart and the ramifications can be physically and emotionally exhausting. My focus is on helping couples quickly regroup and pinpoint the root of their problems to develop new paradigms that may take the relationship to places it may have never previously been.Dr. Ari Sytner's profile on the Gottman Referral Network

My clients appreciate that I help diffuse the tension and stress, as I am non-judgmental, highly caring and empathic, but also very direct in helping them find the patterns that continue to get in their way.

In my work with couples, I don’t take sides, instead I work with the ‘couple’ as the client and help both people strengthen the entire unit as one.

As a rabbi, I employ my pastoral training and high levels of empathy and compassion. As a social worker, I utilize a number of modalities, including the proven Gottman Method to help couples expedite their progress.

I have extensive training and experience working with families in crisis. As someone who was called in to work with victims of the shootings in Parkland and Pittsburgh, I am someone that can quickly enter a difficult dynamic and bring a sense of healing and calm.

I work with clients all over the world, but I am based in NY & NJ. I work with a number of clients that travel to see me, or work by phone & video conference. Additionally, I offer crisis-intervention, where I travel to offer face-to-face support to clients when a crisis may arise, including marathon therapy, where I spend 2-3 days working intensively with a couple.

If you’re frustrated by ongoing problems and interested in change, please contact me as soon as possible, as my schedule fills up quickly and I only take on a small number of clients each year. To explore working together, I prefer to schedule a brief phone call (at no cost), where we can get to know one another.

Please select a time below that works best for you. 

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