Tinder, Bumble & Hinge: Does App Dating Lead to True Love?

Tinder, Bumble & Hinge: Does App Dating Lead to True Love?

It seems that no matter how hard people try to find true love, there are no shortage of avenues to explore. However, not all roads lead to love. 

Technology has added an incredible boost in our ability to meet more people than ever before. However, with increased technology the quantity of prospects has increased and the quality seems to have decreased. I am a big believer in mature people using online dating in a responsible way and enjoying results. However, the abundance of apps currently on the market, all have one problem in common – and it is not the access to empty sexual encounters. Rather, it’s what is beneath the surface of that problem, and that is, that the apps are playing directly into our human tendency to act impulsively.

It is that impulsive nature, which, in an already over-distracted ADHD-world, only further disintegrates the courtship process. Thus, instead of heading down the long road of searching for meaningful and fulfilling relationships, the quick, easy and impulsive thing to do is find a one-night stand. After all, think about the fact that the apps are based on GPS location. In other words, “just show me person who is close by to me at this very moment.” Ultimately, by giving into the impulsive behaviors, one forms an unhealthy reinforced pattern. This can lead to compulsive or even addictive sexual activity and keeps a person on that same lonely path. As time goes on, one will likely face a web of lies, shame, loneliness and depression and runs the risk of physically or emotionally hurting themselves or those they meet.

Finding a life partner is more about quality than quality. In the research of Barry Schwartz, he noted something called Paradox of Choice. This rule basically suggests that the more choices one has, the more difficult it will be to make a decision. Therefore, in an age of endless possibilities, it is easy to lose focus on how this pursuit is about finding one amazing person – and then working hard to make the relationship grow over time.  

The task of creating a home and building a future, is far from an impulsive undertaking. It is not something that is done with a single swipe, after only .02 seconds of viewing a single photo of a person. It takes work, hard work! It takes knowing yourself more than anything, and then learning to know the essence of another person. Love develops over time when you learn to appreciate and admire the incredible qualities of that other person. The more you can know someone, the stronger the foundation and the better off the relationship. Though it takes time – it is well worth the investment!

I have a great deal of compassion and respect for my clients who struggle with the challenges of dating. While being single today has many wonderful opportunities, it is not without hardships. For anyone that his looking for a deep and meaningful relationship, I will share four key suggestions:

  1. Try to stay away from the more impulsive apps and lean towards the more marriage-oriented dating sites.
  2. Find a dating coach, mentor or therapist. This is not just a friend or roommate you can talk to, but a trained and objective person who can help you map our your goals and explore the ideal ways to achieve them, without enduring unnecessary emotional rollercoaster rides.
  3. One of the best and proven methods to meet real people that have marriage potential, is to ask a friend to set you up with someone that is known to them and who shares your same goals.
  4. Finally, Stay positive! Don’t stop living just because you haven’t found your soul mate. They will come along in due time! But in the interim, keep developing yourself into the most awesome version of you without compromise or succumbing to impulsivity. Ultimately, your spouse, children and household will one day be the primary beneficiaries of your continued strength, optimism and zest for life!

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Great topic and very well written. Helpful for many I suggest. I met my partner 10 years ago on a dating site and never looked back. However I was fortunate enough to find the right man on the first connection. So can’t say I have had the experience of finding the wrong ones first.

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