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Here’s a Quick Way to Stop Those Embarrassing Texts

November 10, 2015
The pen was once mightier than the sword. Today, there is something even more dangerous – the send button. I am not afraid of the words I write, for they...

How to Have a Business You Can be Proud of: Why Venture-Philanthropy is a Game-Changer

November 3, 2015
Years ago, an older man visited our synagogue once each month to make a modest donation. Although I thanked him each time, he always gave the same reply, “rabbi, please don’t...

The Secret to Finding Meaning in Life

October 27, 2015
Treadmill + Shower + Coffee + Newspaper = Happiness? Who doesn’t love their morning routine? We all love habits, as they make life comfortable and cozy. Instead of having to...

When a Leader is So Funny, it Hurts

October 2, 2015
How Humor Can Help or Hurt Relationships Although every leader has their own style, some are genuine and others are manufactured. Steve Jobs was terrific at inspiring his employees with...
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