Maintaining Calm During Quarantine: How Relationships Can Beat the Stress

In a world of social-distancing and Covid-19 quarantines, where families will are spending extended periods of time together in close quarters, it is reasonable to expect mounting stress levels. While these times are certainly challenging, and many factors are well beyond our control, the one thing we can control is how we choose to respond. Spending much time at home, it is inevitable that tempers will flare, patience will run short, and relationships will be tested.

Nevertheless, we have a unique opportunity to utilize this time in a healing and meaningful fashion, and fight the currents that may naturally deplete us physically, emotionally and spiritually. In choosing to reframe our plight and search for light amid the darkness, here are some questions to ask:

  • Can we use this time to inspire our children by showing them that we respond to chaos with calm?
  • Can we demonstrate that we employ hope, faith and prayer, while also making practical, cautious and good-sense decisions?
  • Can we utilize the precious gift of family-time to disconnect from devices and connect to each other?
  • Can we tackle long-postponed personal or family projects that we could never before find the time to address?
  • Can we engage in acts of kindness that give strength to our neighbors, as well as ourselves?
  • Can we slow down long enough to give thought to the needs, pain, or loneliness of others, ahead of ourselves?
  • Can we find a new song within our souls when praying in solitude to inspire us to reach heights we cannot achieve when praying with a congregation?

Undoubtedly, the days, weeks and months ahead will be challenging. However, rather than be the victims of circumstance, we have the ability to become the masters of our reality. Rather than succumb to the temptations of the stress and chaos caused by Coronavirus, let us take a collective deep breath and transform these days of anxiety into times of purpose, meaning and healing.

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