Marathon Therapy for Couples

When weekly sessions do not fit the goals or lifestyle of a busy couple, much of the same progress can be made in 2-3 days of intensive exploration and therapy. Think of it as 6 months of progress squeezed into a few days.

Through a careful assessment process that covers both the individuals and the couple, key areas for improvement are identified. In this environment, conversations that often require more time and space than a traditional therapy session can be deeply explored. For example, when a couple is “stuck” on an issue, such as making a major-life decision, living in the wake of an affair, or pondering the pros and cons of divorce, this format can be a perfect way to comfortably explore options.

The sessions are held in a variety of serene locations and aim to provide couples with a faster pathway to achieving the progress they are hoping to make in their relationship. Breaks and mealtime are carefully factored into the schedule, so as not to make it physically or emotionally overwhelming.

In particular, for couples who are busy with work, family, or live farther away, marathon couple’s therapy is an ideal way to experience the benefits of quality marital therapy. In order to maintain the momentum, the program includes a number of follow-up sessions as well, either in person or by phone/video-conference.


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