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Dr. Ari Sytner is a one-of-a-kind contagiously inspiring speaker.  He has been featured on 60 Minutes, NBC, FOX, CBS, NPR,  and countless media outlets for his expertise and charisma. As a motivational speaker, author, licensed social worker, therapist, Huffington Post blogger and professor, he brings an incredible range of personal heartwarming experiences, from surviving a car accident that nearly killed him, to donating a kidney to save the life of a stranger, to speaking at the White House, and soothing the emotional wounds of survivors of the tragic Parkland and Pittsburgh shootings.

Ari Sytner Keynote Speaker

With his positive energy, strong stage presence (and Ben Affleck look-alikeness), Dr. Sytner has a unique ability for connecting with his audiences and inspiring them to action. He is known for speakininteracting with his audiences and sprinkling his presentations with the ingredients of humor, inspiration, and research-based content, designed to motivate participants from all walks of life.

"That was a speaker with real heart. I needed that!"

Popular Keynotes

This is one Dr. Sytner's most popular presentations, which audiences absolutely love!

While goals and dreams are wonderful, what happens when you hit a bump in the road and life takes an unexpected turn? Do we give up, create excuses, or adapt and succeed?

The hardest lesson to learn (especially among the younger millennial generation), is that failure is the key to ultimately succeeding. With a culture of instant gratification, impulsivity and technology overload, intentional strategies are required to overcome the temptation to quit.

In this inspiring and humorous presentation is broken up into 3 components:

1. Sharing case-studies, examples and interacting with the audience to unpack the problem we are going to solve

2. Sharing research-based strategies for how to face the unexpected, whether at work or at home, and confront pain, struggles, and obstacles

3. Brining it home with inspirational personal examples. This includes the story of how Dr. Sytner survived a near-fatal car accident and needed to learn how to walk again and years later voluntarily put himself at risk to donate a kidney to a total stranger

This talk has been called, "profoundly powerful and transformational."

Dr. Sytner's goal is motivate people to use humor, story-telling and research to help the audience feel stronger, more resilient and ultimately become more productive. By teaching audiences how to welcome obstacles as opportunities, they learn to reframe them, so that frustrations are converted into fuel that will help them reach their goals.

If you would like to explore brining this powerful presentation to your event, please contact Dr. Sytner's office below.

What is the 1 secret that Millennials know, that only frustrates the rest of the world?

Having conducted extensive research on the Millennial generation, Dr. Sytner is a worldwide sought-after, and highly respected speaker on this topic.

He has developed a humorous, relevant and substantive 9-point presentation to help unpack the simple sociological features of this digital generation, as well as unique strengths which millennials bring.

He is in the process of authoring his next book, entitled, "How to Speak so Millennials will Listen & How to Listen so Millennials will Speak"

While most organizations and corporations are struggling, using terms like, "lazy, entitled and good for nothings" - there is a way to ignite the spark in today's young adults and help previous generations develop an appreciation for them."

Using a research-based approach, this presentation is largely geared toward managers and leaders to help teach them how to understand, relate and motivate the next generation. It it also effective for speaking to millennials to help them appreciate how they are viewed and how to showcase their strengths.

If you would like to explore brining this powerful presentation to your event, please contact Dr. Sytner's office below.

"Teaching an audience how to diffuse conflict can be a very difficult task. Yet, Dr. Sytner did it masterfully."

Audiences consistently enjoy the way Dr. Ari Sytner takes an uncomfortable topic and uses humor, scientific research and story-telling to convey a central message that is so universal to all people.

Conflict is a part of life, and rather than reinvent the wheel, Dr. Sytner opens this topic, drawing on decades of concrete research on how to make marriages work. As a marriage therapist, he uses case studies and research data to drill down to the heart of why people fight and the importance of effective listening and validation.

He then introduces the interventions necessary to manage and prevent conflict. Audiences love that they can leave an uplifting presentation with a very practical set of skills that they can immediately use at home and at work.

This presentation has been delivered with incredible success, both for couples looking to improve their relationships, as well as companies looking to boost morale and improve communication with colleagues, employees and customers.

If you would like to explore brining this powerful presentation to your event, please contact Dr. Sytner's office below.

In this high energy and inspiring talk, Dr. Sytner shares the powerful story of donating his kidney and the struggle he confronted when making the decision. He discusses how how people strive to find meaning in all aspects of life - even when it comes with personal sacrifice. In his case, it was to save the life of a stranger - a single mother of three children who would have died without a new kidney.

This is a deeply uplifting and moving keynote  which inspires the audience to think about the power of one person to change the world. It includes elements of kindness and ethics and can be tailored to specific events and themes. Additionally, this presentation can be used as a book-signing event.

Audiences consistently leave this presentation feeling a deeper sense of purpose, and the extent to which each individual can make his or her own impact upon the world and find meaning in their work, family and daily lives.

If you would like to explore brining this powerful presentation to your event, please contact Dr. Sytner's office below.

Can any line of work discover purpose and fuel productivity? YES!

As the marketplace has shifted, wherein millennials are the fastest growing demographic, it has moved the needle of focus from the client to the provider. Previous generations took great pride in maintaining customer loyalty, however, today, millennial customers are less loyal than ever, and millennial employees are less interested in going above and beyond to make someone else the focus of their work.

Yet, there is one secret. Millennials live and work for a sense of purpose. They have an existential desire to do good!

Therefore, in this presentation, employees are taught to create a "why" behind their work. This going beyond the corporate culture of giving and doing good - and shifts to a personal focus of making a difference in the world.

Research has shown that the most productive employees are the ones who are intrinsically motivated and exert passion behind what they do. In this seminar, employees will be entertained and challenged to discover their internal compass which can motivate them to the highest levels of productivity and satisfaction, while building a sense of loyalty and commitment to the cause and the company.

By looking at Dr. Sytner's personal journey to donate a kidney to a total stranger, the audience will learn about the inner compass that drives humans to do extraordinary things. Compounded with scholarly research from organizational psychology and social work, this presentation will have the depth, content and inspiration that will make participants want to jump out of their seats and go do something remarkable and put the customer at the center of their world!

If you would like to explore brining this powerful presentation to your event, please contact Dr. Sytner's office below.

Additional Keynote Presentations

Dr. Ari Sytner presents to audiences on his 3 areas of expertise:

  • Relationships, Family & Mental Health'
  • Organizational Effectiveness & Productivity
  • Spirituality & Faith

Family, Relationships & Communication

  • Making a Bad Marriage Better, Making a Good Marriage Great
  • How to Fight Fairly (and Always Win)
  • When Concerns of Domestic Abuse Arise
  • Dating For Marriage: 3 Secrets that Singles Should Know
  • Learning to Trust: How to Teach Kids to Safely Use Technology 
  • Teaching Children to be Kind & Respectful
  • The Juggler: Finding Work/Life Balance
  • When Couples Grow Apart: What it Really Means
  • How to Teach Children Resilience

Popular Keynotes For Organizations

  • Understanding Millennials and Bridging the Age & Cultural Gaps
  • What Marriage Therapy Can Teach You About Creating Healthy Organizational Relationships 
  • How to Build Consensus & Diffuse Conflict 
  • What My Kidney Donation Taught me About Building Community
  • How to Build an Effective Committee Structure
  • Parliamentary Success: How to Run Quick, But Effective Meetings
  • The Role of Values & Ethics

Popular Keynotes About Faith

  • When Religion Grows Stale: How to Ignite the Spark
  • The Changing Role of Millennials in Today's Congregation
  • Maladaptive Coping: How to Identify When Religion is Being Misused  
  • Clergy Burnout: Identifying Leadership Styles and Reducing Role Conflict
  • Communal Response to Crisis and Trauma
  • Did I See the Hand of God or Was it Just a Coincidence?
  • Finding Unity Among Diversity
  • My Kidney Donation:  A Journey Through Self, Family & Community
  • My Son the Doctor: Unraveling the Mystery of the Jewish Mother
  • Honoring Parents: Must we Always?
  • Women in the Talmud
  • What is Repentance? Can People Really Change?
  • Exploring Bioethical Dilemmas

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