Individual and Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

When issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and trauma are present, it may be helpful to spend several sessions exploring how to cope and improve functioning that will leave a person with more energy, focus and peace of mind.

Family Therapy

Often, there are mounting pressures that result when there is family drama. This may include overbearing parents, sibling-rivalry, and children who are acting defiantly, which may express itself by withdrawal or technology overload. For example, when an adolescent locks him or herself in a room to play video games or spends hours on devices and screens instead of interacting with the world around them, well-intentioned parents may push and sometimes only aggravate the situation, inadvertently drawing a wedge between parents and children.

This is where a calm and neutral third party can help parents and children express themselves safely. Much like marital counseling, the techniques involve teaching both parties to actively listen and validate the feelings of the other party – even when they may disagree. Over time, parents and children will learn to create healthy triangulation within the family dynamic, where they respect each other and the appropriate boundaries which foster meaningful connections.

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