Category: Stress & Adversity

Coping with Stress

December 18, 2018
Why do we get so paralyzed by stress? Have you ever seen a squirrel try to impress its friends? Of course not. Animals live with a very clear and perfectly-programmed...

Discovering the Secret to Happiness: Just Look Inside

August 9, 2017
When it comes to thrill rides or risk taking – I’m the guy that is always off to the side. I am the most risk-averse person you’ll meet. Ironically, however,...

It’s the Most Dysfunctional Time of the Year: Dealing with Family on the Holidays

December 23, 2015
The holiday season evokes many joyous emotions and memories. Yet, research repeatedly demonstrates the increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression. At the end of the day, when we gather...

Is Religion Something to be Ashamed Of?

November 16, 2015
Religion often gets a bad rap. We live in a world where moderate religious folks rarely make the headlines. It is the radical extremists that always seem to get the...

Indulgence or Addiction: Where is the Fine Line?

August 23, 2015
Today’s world offers a smorgasbord of enticing gateway drugs that can appeal to virtually anyone. That’s right, no longer does a person have to be a full-blown heroin addict to...

Facing the Fear of Falling: Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

August 6, 2015
It was time for the training-wheels to come off, literally. With his helmet fastened and standing next to his two-wheeler, my son had a mixture of pride and panic on...
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