Category: Addiction

Who Needs relationships when you have a Phone? The Truth about phone addiction

February 24, 2017
The traffic light turns red and the row of cars slowly crawl to a stop. It turns green and then red once again, but strangely, not a single car moves....

Self-Improvement 101: How to Fill the Negative Spaces

September 21, 2015
Change is hard. Who doesn’t enjoy settling into a comfortable routine? However, when a person is finally motivated to break their mold and strive for self-improvement, the shackles of our habits...

Technology Overload: What is Real Anymore?

September 8, 2015
  It was a beautiful Labor Day weekend and I decided to take my children fishing. As I stood with them at the water’s edge, I tried to let go...

Indulgence or Addiction: Where is the Fine Line?

August 23, 2015
Today’s world offers a smorgasbord of enticing gateway drugs that can appeal to virtually anyone. That’s right, no longer does a person have to be a full-blown heroin addict to...

When Does an Addict Seek Treatment?

July 16, 2015
There tends to be a significant barrier to therapy for many addicts. Consider the road that the addict travels. They manage their secret as long as possible, slowly sinking deeper...
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