Dr. Ari Sytner (Phd) is a licensed social worker, therapist, inspirational speaker, rabbi, Huff-Post contributor, blogger, organizational strategist, consultant and proud kidney donor.

Dr. Sytner’s private practice¬†focuses on relationships, dating, marriage and divorce. His passion is for helping couples through the darker chapters of marriage, where he teaches them how to press a “reset button” allowing couples to learn how to better understand and support each other.

Using the proven Gottman Method, the marital interventions he uses are all researched based and time-tested. As a proud kidney donor and author of, The Kidney Donor’s Journey, Dr. Sytner brings kindness, compassion and optimism into all that he does.

Dr. Sytner serves as a professor of social work and Director of Leadership and Community Development at Yeshiva University. He frequently travels to communities around North America to lecture, educate and inspire.