• Are you married, but feeling alone?
  • Does it feel like you can't have a conversation without fighting?
  • Is your spouse emotionally checked out?
  • Have you been cheated on?
  • Are you unsure about whether your relationship is even worth trying to save?
  • Has your marriage been disrupted by pornography or infidelity?
  • Is your relationship a source of pain instead of strength?

Marriage Therapy Tailored to Your Life

There are multiple pathways for couples to receive marital support and counseling. Whether the marriage is in crisis and in need of an immediate intervention, or if the relationship requires ongoing counseling to get back on track, our philosophy is to craft a tailored plan that works for your busy schedule. Rebuilding a marriage can only happen if the therapy fits into your lifestyle. That is why Dr. Ari Sytner offers appointments at night, weekends, and will travel to meet with couples in crisis to help them rebuild their relationship from the ground up.

When a marriage reaches a point where every conversation seems to turn into a fight and there is more frustration than joy, the relationship may be at risk for divorce. There is a critical window of time for a couple to begin effective marital counseling that can reverse the damage and begin to rebuild the love, intimacy, respect and care that a happy and healthy marriage is built upon.

Dr. Ari Sytner uses the research-based approach of Dr. John Gottman to slice through the chronic issues that have been plaguing the marriage and facilitate a comfortable pathway toward improving the relationship.

Research has found that the average couple struggles for 6 years before reaching out for help. Please don't wait.