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Contact me if your marriage was once strong, but is now struggling. I work with couples when communication is lacking, the spark in the relationship is waning, or when someone you once loved becomes a source of resentment and frustration. My focus is on helping couples pinpoint the root of their problems and develop new paradigms to take the relationship to places it may have never previously been.

My clients appreciate that I am non-judgmental, highly caring and empathic, but also direct in helping them find the patterns that continue to get in their way. As a social worker and Gottman trained therapist, I use research to help couples rediscover the fun and playful dynamic that once existed.

While most therapists work by a strict time clock, counting every minute of the session, my focus is on efficiency and results. While I do not accept insurance, I will work with you to map out a custom path to reaching your goals as quickly and effectively as possible. I work in NY & NJ, as well as by phone & video conference, and I travel to offer in-person support to clients when a crisis may arise.

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