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I focus on offering results-based therapy, specifically aimed at cutting through your challenges and reaching your goals efficiently. Unlike most therapists who watch every minute of the clock and sometimes end a session - even on the verge of progress, when I work with my clients, I make the session about you and your goals.

Drawing from a number of modalities, I use a great deal of empathy, care, experience and research to support and guide my clients, with a focus on tackling the urgent issues first and mapping out a plan for success. By stabilizing the burning issues, it allows us to then focus on uncovering the source and making the necessary changes to bring long-term success.

I have a strong track record of taking people who are struggling with personal, emotional, family and relationship challenges, and helping them to find a place of confidence, empowerment, and peace of mind.

Although I do not accept insurance, I strive to arrange a custom tailored plan to fit your goals, schedule and budget.  I see clients in New York and New Jersey, as well by phone and video conference, and I travel to see clients when a crisis may arise.

Please take a look at my calendar below and select a time that we can talk for 15 minutes to get to know each other.