As a motivational speaker with a unique range of personal experiences, my goal is to immediately connect with my audience using humor and story, while blending substantive content that is thought-provoking and inspiring. Drawing from empirical research, literature, ancient wisdom and personal life experience, my presentations, are engaging, relevant and humorous and aim to touch and uplift everyone. Below, you can find a list of topics that I present for corporate or religious organizations, as I carefully tailor every presentation for each audience I address.

The general themes I cover include: Maximizing life, human capital, relationships and time. I focus on helping people create drama-free environments in their many relationships both at home and at the workplace to ensure higher levels of satisfaction with minimum friction.  My messages include seeking deeper goals, meaning and fulfillment from one's endeavors and learning to take pleasure in self-Improvement and inspiration as intrinsic motivators for achieving one's immediate and long-term goals.  These themes apply to the corporate, organizational and non-profit arenas, and of course, to those looking for presentations on Religion, community, Torah, marriage, parenting, social welfare or mental health.

If there is a topic you are interested in, but do not see listed below, please contact me and we can create a custom presentation, keynote or seminar, which will be sophisticated, while humorous, captivating and thought-provoking.

Video samples available here

Below are a list of topics that I have presented on:

• What I learned From Donating my Kidney
• Teaching Children to be Kind
• The Juggler: Finding Work/Life Balance
• Can People Really Change?

• 3000 Year-Old Leadership Lessons
• When Religion can be Helpful and When it can be Destructive
• Communication: The Great Relationship Equalizer at Home & at Work
• Coping with Stress & Adversity
• Substance Abuse vs. Sex and Internet Addiction: What is the Road to Recovery?
• What are Addictions and How are They Treated?
• Exploring the Powers of Sexuality: How they can Help or Destroy a Relationship
• What Every Leader Wants to Say, but Wishes Someone Else Would Say it
• Resolving Disputes in Non-Profit Organizations: Who is REALLY in Charge?
• Clergy Styles and Role Conflict

• Communal Response to Crisis and Trauma
• Making a Bad Marriage Better/Making a Good Marriage Great
• How to Fight Fairly (and Always Win)
• When Couples Grow Apart: What it Really Means
• The Secrets that Every Happily Married Couple Knows
• The 10 Best Ways to Ruin Your Kids: What Every Parent Should Know
• What we say to Teens and What they Hear
• Did I See the Hand of God or Was it Just a Coincidence?
• Being Religious vs. Spiritual: What’s the Difference & Does it Matter?
• When Your Kids Turn Out Differently Than You Expected
• How to Make Any Relationship Succeed
• Dating For Marriage: 3 Secrets that Singles Should Know
• Creating an Environment of Optimism
• When Organizations Seem Dysfunctional
• Lessons About Humanity Learned from the Holocaust
• The Changing Role of Ethics and How They Apply
• Technology: Helping or Hurting Relationships?
• Unplugged: How Mobile Technology can Improve Efficiencies
• Inspiring Contribution: How to Motivate Others to Give
• Building Consensus and Inspiring Teamwork
• 3 Jews 4 Opinions: Why People Don’t Always See Eye to Eye
• Jews & Non-Jews: The Seven Noahide Laws
• The Role and Power of Prayer
• Bioethical Dilemmas
• Making the Most of This Life
• Heaven & Hell: Is it Real & Does it Matter?
• Questions About Judaism You Never Quite Understood
• Honoring Parents in the Good Times & the Bad
• Appreciating True Power: Women’s Roles and Unseen Potential
• Dysfunctional Biblical Families: What we Can Learn Today

To contact me directly about speaking opportunities, please click here and I will respond promptly.