Keynote Speaker

Utilizing humor, research, and a high-energy style, Dr. Ari Sytner quickly connects with any audience. As a kidney donor and champion of kindness, the heart of every presentation is centered around maximizing relationships and human capital - designed to engage, uplift, inspire and motivate to action. Dr. Sytner has been featured on 60 Minutes, CBS, NBC and countless other media outlets.

Dr. Ari Sytner presents to audiences on his 3 areas of expertise: 

  • Relationships & Mental Health
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Spirituality


Popular Keynotes About Family

  • Making a Bad Marriage Better, Making a Good Marriage Great
  • Divorce-proofing Your Marriage
  • How to Fight Fairly (and Always Win)
  • When Concerns of Domestic Abuse Arise
  • How to Make Any Relationship Succeed
  • Dating For Marriage: 3 Secrets that Singles Should Know
  • Learning to Trust: How to Teach Kids to Safely Use Technology 
  • Teaching Children to be Kind & Respectful
  • The Juggler: Finding Work/Life Balance
  • When Couples Grow Apart: What it Really Means
  • The Secrets that Happily Married Couples Know
  • When Your Kids Turn Out Differently Than You Expected
  • Communication: The Great Relationship Equalizer at Home & at Work
  • Turning Adversity into Opportunities
  • How to Teach Children Resilience

Popular Keynotes For Organizations

  • Understanding Millennials and Bridging the Age & Cultural Gaps
  • What Marriage Therapy Can Teach You About Creating Healthy Organizational Relationships 
  • How to Build Consensus & Diffuse Conflict 
  • Developing Strategic Plans for Long-Term Success
  • What My Kidney Donation Taught me About Building Community
  • Resolving Disputes in Non-Profit Organizations: Who is REALLY in Charge?
  • How to Build an Effective Committee Structure
  • Parliamentary Success: How to Run Quick, But Effective Meetings
  • The Role of Values & Ethics

Popular Keynotes About Religion

  • When Religion Grows Stale: How to Ignite the Spark
  • The Changing Role of Millennials in Today's Synagogue
  • Maladaptive Coping: How to Identify When Religion is Being Misused  
  • Clergy Burnout: Identifying Leadership Styles and Reducing Role Conflict
  • Communal Response to Crisis and Trauma
  • Did I See the Hand of God or Was it Just a Coincidence?
  • 3 Jews, 4 Opinions: Finding Unity Among Diversity
  • My Kidney Donation:  A Journey Through Self, Family & Community
  • My Son the Doctor: Unraveling the Mystery of the Jewish Mother
  • Honoring Parents: Must we Always?
  • Women in the Talmud
  • What is Repentance? Can People Really Change?
  • The Power of Prayer
  • Exploring Bioethical Dilemmas

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